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One of Malahide's finest and most glamorous restaurants.

One of Malahide’s finest and most glamorous restaurants.

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Our Story

Jaipur is located in the basement of a Georgian town house on St. James Terrace near the Malahide marina. Recently renovated, it very nicely presents an open floor seating plan and lovely atmosphere. The village of Malahide, only 20 minutes from Dublin City Centre.

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Our food takes you on a culinary journey across India and the infinite flavours of palate she has to offer. Jaipur has worked hard to inculcate the great Irish tradition of conviviality, from the humblest cup of tea to the grandest offering of a traditional Indian thali. The essence of food at Jaipur is the vibrancy and the subtlety of our freshly ground spice mixes which are scruplously faithful to the origins of each recipe and region.